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Cynthia The Influencer Consultant

Influencers As a brand Asset

As a career compensation consultant turned influencer and agency owner, I have spent 10+ years mastering the art and science of influencer marketing for brands and agencies.

Let’s leverage influencers in a positive way.


Let's Build Influencer Campaigns That Work For Your Brand

Influencer campaigns are not copy and paste. We strategize and streamline campaigns that create lasting positive relationships to drive ROI.

The Influencer Consultant
THe Influencer Consultant
The Influencer Consultant

The Art & Science of Successful Influencer Campaigns

My goal is to help you establish influencer marketing processes that help your brand scale ROI. The best influencer campaign is one that is tuned in to your unique needs. 

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The Influencer Consultant
The Influencer Consultant

3 Huge Red Flags When Hiring an Influencer Agency

Alert: a Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. However is this marketing generalist approach right for your unique brand? Here’s what to look out for when you hire an agency to outsource your influencer campaigns.

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Working With The Influencer Consultant

Taking the nuance out of influencer marketing.

We collaborate closely with our clients developing a structured approach to get your brand the results it deserves. We offer bespoke services to help you grow and track your influencer marketing strategy on all of the channels. 

We provide the guidance and support you need to make reliable decisions from start to finish. 

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Let's create influencer marketing success for your brand.